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Facebook voted as world's most romantic place of the decade

20, Apr 2015 By Pratha Jhawar

In a recent survey conducted by THE COUPLE magazine, the social networking website Facebook has been voted as the “people’s destination for romance”. The magazine which covers all the stories and information treasured by any couple, conducted a survey on the timeline of previous five years and expectations for impending five years. It was conducted in 100 metropolitan cities across the globe.

For the decade 2010-2020, many not-so-surprising results were unleashed by this survey. Facebook has secured a huge margin over cities like Paris, Florence, and Prague which were once considered as the Romance Paradises.

Couples New Choice: World's most romantic place, Facebook
Couples New Choice: World’s most romantic place, Facebook

Right from marriage proposals to engagements and marriages, not only those, even anniversaries are best celebrated on Facebook. “Facebook makes our memories memorable and permanent”, said a recently married man. He added, “Though my marriage was a grand occasion, but I could enjoy it most over Facebook by tagging my newly wed wife and getting never ending ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.”

Upon asked why Facebook has turned out to be such a romantic place in last five years, a couple from Berlin said, “On Facebook we not only express our love to each other, but at the same time our family and friends felt connected too”.

An entrepreneur from Tokyo told, “My first check-in in a coffee shop via Facebook with my fiancée is my best coffee ever. Whenever I read comments of my friends over that post, I relive those moments”.

A girl from Sydney told vividly, “Earlier my husband used to forget all the romantic things I happened to tell him, but now I can express my feelings on his Facebook wall and he can’t forget them. So I have made it a habit of celebrating monthly anniversary on Facebook”

A Bangalore based IT guy said, “I hardly get vacations, I even work on Holi and Diwali days, but with Facebook I feel like I am there with my girlfriend in California, with all the tags and comments on her pictures celebrating those festivals.”

The survey indicated that visiting romantic cities has been turned out to be time consuming and back-breaking on financial terms, but for students and middle class of various metro cities, Facebook has become an oasis in the drought ridden desert. A student of first year of a reputed engineering college of Delhi said, “I can visit Facebook as many times in a day as I want, even while attending lecture and can feel the love in the air.”

A teenage girl from Washington just got mesmerized while telling how she got her first proposal of life on her Facebook page. “It all started with a poke and then it turned out to be so huge and just perfect for me.” She added, “It was so amazing to reciprocate my feeling in just one click”.

In the present world, it’s not only about the love for partner; Facebook is now a place where the guys/gals living far from their homes can share their feelings easily with parents and become nostalgic over mom’s handmade food.

On the other hand, “Introducing our newborn child on Facebook could fetch her thousands of blessing in a shot”, said a proud mother of a newly born baby.

Though there was a small section of people who said that they still prefer to share their love offline, but this type of human race is disappearing at accelerated rate. The survey has shocked some of the people who do not have an account of Facebook, but for majority, it was inevitable.