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Facebook users lose friends overnight after failing mandatory “Friends Test”

10, Oct 2014 By mpsharmaauthor

Mumbai. Millions of Facebook Users have been left devastated after awaking this morning to find that their friends list associated with their personal accounts have almost vanished overnight.

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Mark Zuckerberg released an innovative MFT (Mandatory Friends Test) Program last week following allegations that Facebook friends were not “real” friends and were simply being used to showcase popularity contests on personal accounts.

The controversial move by the social media giant sent shockwaves around the world, and in particular India, where the platform is one of the most widely used in the international space.

Malini Gupta, an avid Facebook user is one of the few lucky ones who lost only 10% of her previous Friends list which stood at 5,689 comrades.

“I am very happy with the result,” Malini gushed while recounting her personal struggle to Faking News Journalists. “When news of the test hit last week, I told mummy that I was not to be disturbed for a week to study for the test and did not leave my room except for shower taking and eating. Yes, I cannot deny that it was hard preparing for the test, but in the end it has paid off because I am still popular on Facebook, so the struggle was worth it!”

Unfortunately though, not all Facebook users have been as lucky as Malini, some failing so direly that more than 90% of their friend’s lists have been cut.

Nitin, a college going student was being consoled by his two real life friends (who managed to escape from being removed of his personal friend’s list due to being known by him for more than a year) as he sobbed his story to reporters.

“Yesterday I had 8,796 friends but today I am left with only 3! This was a very cruel move by Mark; I mean how does it harm anyone if I at least look like a sociable person on computer screens?”

Shivani, a young engineer was equally as saddened when she explained to Faking News Reporters that until the mandatory test was implemented, she was only one friend away from hitting her elusive 10,000 friend mark. Shivani had spent countless nights preparing for the celebration she had planned at hitting the land mark number, even devising appropriate emoticons to use on other Social Media Platforms such as Whatsapp Messenger, Instagram, Twitter and more through Photoshop.

Shivani, who had meticulously built her friends list on Facebook by actively marketing herself via striking up conversations with complete strangers as she travelled to work on the train every morning failed miserable in questions asked such as “have you known this person for more than five minutes?”, “is this friend male or female?”, and “can you prove this person is a human being?” among others.

Disappointment is fast being followed by outrage among many Facebook users who are now demanding that the company reimburse them for unfair treatment, with some going as far as to suggest that Mark Zuckerberg be ordered to add those who have been disadvantaged by the new test as friends on his personal list by the US Government.

Faking News will keep you updated as events unfold but are requesting all readers to ensure that they keep us on their friends list by answering the mandatory questions correctly. Please note that in an effort to assist our readers as much as possible, Faking News has received a leaked copy of the test and has provided the correct answers which can be found by clicking on the link on our personal Facebook account Page.