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Facebook to be banned in India

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Hyderabad. After today’s union cabinet meeting, held in Prime minister’s office, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Mr manish Tewari declared that the facebook is to be banned in India on and onwards 2nd January 2014.

Facebook likes
Every politician in Congress party liked it.

This meeting was to seal the decision officially and was a trailing part of another meeting held in 10 Janapath, the official residence of Sonia Gandhi, the President of Indian National Congress party (INC). Surprisingly Smt. Gandhi was not present in that meeting on 25th September and her heir Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the vice presidend of INC, presided the meeting.

While replying the questions asked by our reporter, Mr Tewari explained that the union government was tracking this world wide famous social networking site for last 2 years and came to the conclusion that most of the Indians who follow this social media are either directly supporting Modi or somehow mocking Mr. Gandhi or sharing derogatory photos of him.

This is very much interesting that Mr. Modi who is also BJP’s next Prime ministerial candidate for 2014 General Election, has approximately 300 million fans in facebook and the number is almost 25% of Indian population and 87% of facebook users, world wide. The Congress Working Committee (CWC) predicted that by march,2014 the number will reach to 54% of Indian population and 92% of facebook users, world wide. This could be a real threat for Congress for the next gen. election.

As per Mr. Tewari the election commission, under pressure, was also exploring the voting option via facebook for next general election, which could double the chance of sweeping the poll result by Modi. It is already observed that the top leaders of Congress are already criticizing the news media for their pre poll survey which clearly shows that, in next gen. election Congress is going to perform as poor as touring west Indies cricket team. Now the social media is also being axed. but the Government and CWC are kind enough to allow our countrymen to wish their new year message on 1st january via facebook.

As expected, the spokesperson of BJP, Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi strongly criticized this decision and promised to the countrymen that if BJP will come to the power they will declare facebook as national social networking site and the facebook id will be considered the unique identification id for Indian citizens. By this promise he also mocked Congress for their failed venture of  ‘Aadhar’ card! A candle light rally is also being organised by AAP in front of India gate protesting against this decision.