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Facebook sued after its app denied uploading the profile picture of a girl without a random philosophical quote

17, Jul 2017 By The Illusionist

New Delhi: In a bizarre case of social media usage, Facebook has been sued when the Facebook app denied uploading the profile picture of Pratibha Kumari without a heavy philosophical quote which has absolutely no connection with the picture.

Pratibha's latest profile picture on Facebook
Pratibha’s latest profile picture on Facebook

Pratibha who hails from Dumka Jharkhand immediately went to the village Sarpanch who was himself uploading “Good morning friends” photo on Facebook. He was taken aback and suggested her to report this matter to Facebook and also police and tag him on all her statuses. A lawsuit was immediately filed by Pratibha against FB. Villagers started creating a ruckus when they came to know of this discrimination between a village girl and a classy uptown girl. They claimed that they have several young male witnesses in their village (who send friends requests to random women having Disha Patani’s picture as their profile picture) who can testify that FB only favors women from big cities who post profile pictures with a big and long quote for no reason.

This news has sparked a nation wide debate. Talking to Faking News Princess (real name used on request) from Delhi said “Lolzzz…this is so freakin’ cheap…I uploaded a pic while eating ice cream with a quote by Kamal R Khan yesterday and it was uploaded by FB.Why not her!!!”. In a fit of anger and frustration many people installed and then uninstalled Snapdeal app. PM Modi posted from America (after which he realized he hadn’t changed the location setting) that Mark should make things right. Arvind Kejriwal tweeted “Isme Modiji ka haath hai…kyuki FB pe type wo haath se hi karte hain”.