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Facebook introduces "Temporary Account Suspension" feature to help people with their New Year Resolution

03, Jan 2016 By kgdinesh

Last week Mark Zuckerberg announced a new feature in Facebook to help people deactivate their Facebook accounts temporarily for a 24-hour period. Mark explains, “The main motivation behind this move was to help people in realizing their new year’s resolution of quitting Facebook but at the same time minimize guilt when they come back and login the next day”.

Joining Mark in the press meet was Sharma Ji, founder of Woh-Char-Log, a leading Internet Survey firm, stated that quitting Facebook was people’s third most common new year resolution behind “Quitting Smoking” and “Hitting the Gym”. Now that, Facebook has introduced this feature, this’ll easily help millions across the world in fulfilling their resolution this new year.

Explaining further about the feature, Mark said, “A pop-up will show during New Year’s Eve when people are using Facebook asking whether they want to enable the temporary suspension. If people go ahead with it, their accounts will be suspended for 24 hours. At the end of it, Facebook will automatically log them in without absolutely any indication to you or your friends that you had “quit” Facebook, which helps greatly in reducing guilt”.