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Facebook introduces ‘caste’ based LIKE feature

01, Sep 2015 By Anand Bhate

Facebook, the technological giant and the leader in Social Media has gone a step ahead and stirred a revolution for its users in India. As if the revenues from paid ads and fake likes were not enough, they have now decided to exploit the addicted users by the ‘caste’ based LIKE feature. The Faking News Team went to their FAQ page to know this more.

Why this ‘caste’ based LIKE feature?

Facebook likes
There is a business and politics everywhere in India”: Facebook Officials while releasing a press bite for their new Cast Based Like feature!

Our research indicates that ‘caste’ is more important than progress for Indians. Thus, as a responsible social media platform (for our investors), we are introducing this unique ‘caste’ based LIKE feature.

How will you determine the caste?

All our users (existing and new) from India will now have to input their caste as a compulsion. The ones who claim to be in the reserved categories will have to email us their caste certificates for verification.

What will you do with this caste data?

The users, whose castes are verified to be ‘reserved’, will get a 500 Likes combo, which they can use in their next 10 posts as per their discretion. This will ‘uplift’ their likes count.

Also, there is a ‘slight’ change in how the likes will be displayed:

Category No. of likes received Will be displayed as
General Category 100 25
SC 100 200
ST 100 375
OBC 100 144
Patel’s 100 500*

*considering the huge number of them in the USA, we don’t want our buildings to be destroyed

What if someone gives up their quota?

Will they? Anyways, if at all it happens, it will be a great step. We will award them with “Nice DP” comments from our fake accounts present in numerous countries. This is how it will be:

Category that gives up the quota No. of “Nice DP” comments
SC 40
ST 77
OBC 15
Patel’s 128*

* you know why

I am from the General Category and believe this ‘caste’ based LIKE feature to be utter partiality.

We are sorry to hear that! While we appreciate your disapproval to our unique initiative, we request you to slog and get more likes on your post. Slogging, termed as hard work, can achieve anything. And we strongly believe that if you work hard for 12-15 hours a day for a couple of years, you will surely ‘cut-off’ the competition and get better likes than many of your counterparts. However, if you do not get the best, you can always take a ‘drop’ of a day and start working hard again. Also, despite your extreme efforts and untiring dedication you don’t make it, you can purchase likes at a ‘higher fee’ to make it to the same level as that of your counterparts.

We did not read ahead and shut the website.