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Facebook insurance if you forget to capture those important moments of life

07, Jun 2017 By rajs

Facebook is introducing a photo forget insurance. This insurance will cover if you forget to  take and upload a photo that is vital to show your important photo moments like, in gym after weight-loss, before and after breakup photos, eureka moments of finding the difficult to find address that was only your next street, that slap you got for the i love you ask, etc. Facebook valuers calculate the value of those moments to you to be in the range of $10,000 to anywhere unto $50 millions.

Facebook celebrates its new feature
Facebook celebrates its new feature

If you lost to capture the moment it is gone for ever. To encourage the habit of properly remembering to capture those moments, a massive Facebook campaign is to be launched. And at the end of the  campaign this photo forget insurance will be available for everyone. Premiums range between $200 to $9000 per year depending upon the value you adduce to your valuable moments and how many initial forgets in a year you want to exclude. For example if you want to exclude initial 20 capture forgets and start the cover to start only from 21st capture forget then the premium will be less. 

Also if you value your photo moments to be just $10000 then premium is less. But if you value the moments to be million dollar moments then the premium increases. To join the insurance you don’t need anything else other than the face book account. But when you make claim you need  to submit original moment evidences certified by 10 of your friends to be true. Another set of 10 of your friends need to say the value is this much, (Inbuilt calculator will reduce each one of those friends future forget insurance claim value to that much value that they value your moment) you need to attach copies of  Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Ration Card, College Identity Card, Business Card and Shopper’s Stop Loyalty Card in your respective bank. You need to write a detailed info about how you missed to capture. Reasons like “No charge in my mobile”, “It happened suddenly”, ”Didn’t carry mobile”, ”I took photo but didn’t shoot properly” are not acceptable. It should be beyond your control and preparedness.

Probably reasons like “Some death because of that was not in mood” may be accepted, but that death incident should have been captured and posted in your Facebook account at the time you mentioned that you make photo forget insurance claim for unrelated event.  Facebook estimates revenue from this insurance will be equal to triple its current overall revenue. There was user forum question: “If I capture wrong moment, say, I click a photo thinking that I am getting a selfie with my mum patting my face and instead of selfie mode it  was on regular mode and captured something like the one on top. Will this insurance cover that? ” A facebook expert answered “No the insurance will not cover as you captured the proper memorable moment rather than the perceived memorable moment”.