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Facebook goes down, panic hits the streets

02, Aug 2014 By debarishidhar

Its Friday, and as the world starts coming back from office in hopes of having a magical weekend their dreams get shattered with events that threaten the very existence of their social lives. Everyone is on Facebook, and if you are not on Facebook you are not cool.


That seemed to be the moto for the past few years. But Friday the 1st of August 2014 (which is slated to replace the iconic Friday the 13th) was the day of armageddon. With Facebook servers crashing people panicked. They did not seem to know what to do. For the past few years people have socialised through Facebook. Sending friend requests, messaging creepy lines to unknown girls had become a passion. All thanks to Facebook but that passion had come to an end. People did not know what to do. So they took the streets.

Eye witnesses report seeing people on the streets walking up to random girls and writing letters to them asking them to be friends. Guys were going up to girls and looking into their purses for personal photographs without taking permission.  Some good friends were seen  poking each other continuously for hours as they tried to replicate the flavors of Facebook.

People were seen commenting on girls ‘hot’ as they walked on the streets, but it was no longer being considered as ‘eve-teasing’. But, despite all the efforts that Facebook’ers put in, they could not replicate what they would do on Facebook. They started blaming Mark Zuckerberg for destroying their lives. At a church nearby, people were seen praying so that servers come back online.

People were relieved when finally Facebook was back as they no longer needed to go to clubs and call up their friends to let them know where they were or what they were doing.