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Facebook Flashback videos of celebrities across the nation

06, Feb 2014 By chaitu

After the wave of sharing BBM pins, now’s the time to share the Facebook Flashback videos and different celebrities across the nation made it a point to share their Flashback videos. FN exclusively brings you some of the highlights.

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Manmohan Singh: People were surprised to see a pic of Manmohan Singh while they were expecting the pics of Mrs. Sonia and Rahul. But not to everyone’s surprise, his video didn’t have music playing and it was muted.

Namo: NaMo denied getting a FB Flashback video. According to him, it was during Congress regime that FB was formed (though both have no connection except for the fact that both completed 10 years) and he blamed Congress and FB for stalling the progress of the nation.

Rahul Gandhi: His video was full of his most memorable moments with Arnab Goswamy. Later his video ended abruptly saying “this video is just a state of mind” and escaped miraculously from the browser to prove his escape velocity theory.

Arvind Kejriwal: He is getting ready to go on a dharna after his video showed a pic of him using Government vehicle instead of Wagon R.

Jayalalitha: Amma’s video crashed abruptly when it was showing her most liked moment which was her wish to become the PM.

Devyani Khobragade: People were disappointed that her video didn’t show a single moment of her strip search.

Arnab Goswami: People weren’t able to watch his video as the volume had exceeded 140 decibels (just like his show).

Alok Nath : Most of his moments were the pics of him standing near mandir entrances and performing arthi and vidhaii.

Sachin Tendulkar: His Flashback video was playing the 1 minute version of his retirement speech.

Rajinikanth: While everyone on this planet including the founder of FB himself has 1 minute flashback video, Rajinikanth managed to get a 2 minute flashback video.

Rohith Sharma: Just like the player, even the video denied to play outside India.

Suresh Raina: Contrary to the regular duration of the flashback video, his video was 30 seconds “SHORT”.

God: His video was full of moments of Sir Ravindra Jadeja.