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Facebook account added to the list of valid ID proofs in IRCTC website

30, Sep 2014 By krantikari_yeda

India’s relationship with USA is definitely on the verge of improvement, as this festive season two Internet portal giants IRCTC and Facebook have come together for the first time with a unique offer to the users. IRCTC which is known for its lightning speed online ticket booking has added Facebook account to the list of valid I.D proofs, using which people can book general as well as tatkal tickets.

This news has sent ecstatic waves (Sorry No Modi Wave this time) across the country and most of people including toddlers and elders were seen creating new Facebook accounts. When Faking News contacted one of the regular commuter and frequent ticket bookie booker Mr. Musafir he said, “This is one of the best news I have heard after TOI-Deepika stand off, how innovative move this has been for people like me. Neither I have Voter Card nor PAN card or any other I.D proofs, I even tried some ethical ways to get Aadhar card and its been more than one year and I am still waiting to receive it. But, Hey! I do have four Facebook accounts, three photography pages and ten 1001 things to do in many cities pages, using which now I can not only book one seat, but I can book an entire berth for myself, how cool this new idea is.”

This is how trains will be painted from now on

When Faking News contacted Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda on this remarkable idea, he said, “We want to improve railway travel experience for the passengers and we have managed to bridge the gap between social media addicts and travel addicts. Both IRCTC and Facebook have been essential tool for both the groups because they book tickets through IRCTC and post the photos of their travel on Facebook or update status of checking-in a hotel, railway station and even public toilets. So, why not just add the Facebook account to the valid I.D list and make easy for them to book tickets and upload photos to their profile via IRCTC. And moreover, we are even planning to provide discounts to the travellers who have verified accounts.”

After the news about about the newly provided facility by IRCTC broke-out many people logged in to upload their pictures via IRCTC and When Faking News tried to contact Mark Zuckerberg, he was unavailable for comment as the entire Facebook team was busy fixing “This site is temporarily down” web-page.