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Engineering student gets a job, does not update Facebook status

20, Feb 2013 By Chinmay

Indore. In a rather shocking case that is as unbelievable as a government scheme without corruption, a man named Sharad Thakral, who recently got ‘placed’ in a software company through campus placement, did not update his Facebook status.

This news has come as a shock to the douchebags on Facebook who had in their own 15-minutes of fame updated their own placement news on Facebook almost immediately after getting placed, gathering hundreds of likes and comments.

Facebook likes
Various moods of a Facebook user

When Faking News contacted Sharad, even more shocking truth came out – he did NOT have a Facebook account.

When asked the reason for this shocking social behavior, Sharad said that handling so many douchebag professors from his engineering college was enough for him and that he did not feel the need for further douchebaggery in his life.

When Faking News contacted various Facebook users, they too were aghast at this development.

One guy, Vikas, who was placed 1 year ago, said, “Not only did I update the ‘placed news’ status on FB, which by the way received 178 likes, I also updated my status on getting my first and second salary, which got 152 and 45 likes respectively. However seeing the dwindling number of likes, I decided to cut this effort short before my third payment.”

Another girl named Tanvi, who was placed 2 years ago, also described same situation, the only difference being the number of likes, which increased exponentially and which she claims still does exponentially, clearly showing the female domination on Facebook.

However, the story of the day goes to this “super-like” hungry guy Sanjay (named changed on request) who went further to update his Facebook status as “Got first ass whooping from my boss today“. Each and every person on his friend list liked this post, a feat rarely achieved on Facebook by a guy.

Recounting this incident, Sanjay claimed that even his choicest enemies on his friend-list logged in from their Nokia phones just to like this status.

When Faking News tried to contact a psychiatrist on the recent “like fetish” of Facebook users, we could not talk to him as he was busy counting the number of likes his new ‘Blackberry phone’ pic gathered on Facebook.