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Elated at having booked Tatkal, boy shell-shocked to find he paid more than air-ticket

06, Oct 2014 By Baawra Chhora

Turant-O Singh, a normal undergrad from Babu Chhaganlal Institute of Technology was overjoyed. His expression looked more like he had finally dated the Miss-University he was dreaming about since last semester after he booked his first-ever tatkal ticket. “Oye, book ho gayi”, he screamed and ran through the corridor.

He was trolled.
He was trolled.

Little did he know that the ticket was booked under dynamic ticketing till the maggu from next wing told him, “abe c***iye, dhyan se dekh jitne ki ticket karayi hai, utne mein Europe mein honeymoon mana ke aa jata tu”(For this amount, you could have had honeymoon in Europe). Turant-O had the sky fallen on him. He felt like the Miss University had instead slapped him on the very first date. Moreover he knew, trying to cancel the ticket will only yield a babaji-ka-thullu. Turant-O is since admitted with strict vigilance.

According to reliable reports, students are diverting money meant for chai-sutta and gift to support Turant-O as he tries to pay-off the ticket price debt. While he was earlier planning to put tatkal achievement on resume for placement, Turant-O now hopes to pay-off the ticket debt with his joining bonus. NGOs have come to offer him some help and at the same time launched a PIL against railway ministery for ‘inhuman’ ticket pricing. Some political outfits are planning to lauch dharna and fast outside railway ticket counter to show their support. PETA has decided to initiate a branch PETU (People for ethical treatment to Undergrads) in response to the event, making the students elated at the thought of Pamela Anderson visiting them.

Meanwhile, UC-IC-V and HDTV banks have come up with tatkal-loans and EMI schemes to make the dynamic tatkal tickets purchasing affordable.