Friday, 23rd March, 2018

EC wants to tie up with Twitter

08, Jan 2014 By rofl gujju

New Delhi : A thirsty source of FN in Election commission said that EC set up back door communication link with Twitter recently and want a help from Twitter to make Indian democracy a more vibrant and transparent.

After the political drama of Lokpal and Janlokpal, citizens of India want to scroll the timeline of their leaders and opposition leaders to compare their commitment for last years and present stand on issue . The same thing happens in Indian democracy when some politician change the party, split in party or merger .

In these situations, citizens of India , journalists , opposition leaders all have to do is to scroll twitter timeline to find the contract tweets . EC want that : All Indian voters can get archive of the tweets of all the politicians and party twitter account so they can easily compare their views.

Spokesperson of Twitter India said, “It will be win win situation for both party, we may get more twitter accounts of Indian, India is growing market for us and EC gets their desirable service for Indian citizen.”