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DSLR photographer sues friend after he fails to give him credit for a pic on Facebook

11, Nov 2014 By bhawanidwivedy

Hyderabad. A local engineering student and a budding photographer filed a lawsuit in Bhubaneswar court against his classmate for copyright violation.

Such an important skill.

According to local sources, the photographer’s classmate and former friend went for his placement interview and he was wearing a suit for the first time. To celebrate that occasion, he woke up the photographer who slept late in the night after watching back to back episodes of Big Bang theory and playing counterstrike for five hours. The photo was allegedly taken at 8:00 a.m. in the morning and the facebook profile picture was changed at around 10:00 a.m.

Within 3 hours of change of DP, the photograph had received 104 likes from his friends which also included the subject’s crush. When the photographer woke up late in the afternoon, the number of likes had increased upto 163 and had comments like “handsome hunk”, “mera blazer lauta” and “angels will fall”.

This was infuriating for the photographer as there was no mention of his name and no credits were given to him. After that he commented on the photograph, “Akhir me photographer kaun hai?” to which there were no replies from the subject. After repeated pings, which were of no avail, the photographer rushed to an advocate and filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

In an interview, the photographer said, “My parents worked hard and earned the thirty thousand with which I bought my DSLR. Instead of taking pictures of hot girls, poor beggars and plates of aloo tikki chaat, I took the picture of this guy and I don’t even get credits for it. At least he could have tagged me in the title of the photograph. If that would have happened, I might have succeeded in attracting girls, who might have come to me to get their photos clicked. Ungrateful bastard!”