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Dead girl handles Facebook account, posts pictures and videos from afterlife

23, Feb 2013 By Guddu Gangster

Kolkata: Just like any other teenage girl of her age Pinki Saha, 18, a resident of Ballygunje, was a wild Facebook addict, updating and sharing every unessential, useless details of her life online. She was so much hooked to the popular social networking site that she apparently remains still active on the site even after being dead!

Pinki Saha who goes by the name ‘Pink is Aha’ on the SN site Facebook was reported dead in an explosion at her house in Ballygunje last week. The accident is presumed to have been caused due to over heating of computer monitor which in turn exploded leaving the hopeless, poor girl in pieces.

But this didn’t stop her from being online. The dead girl is in news for scaring the hell out of people with her supernatural online ‘activities’, apparently updating her ‘expired’ account with routine posts and photos and videos from her afterlife.

This supposedly ghostly affair has left people of kolkata panicked. While some say it might be just some new virus trick, some think its a serious issue of exorcism.

“The girl was too much attached to it (Facebook) and as she’s suffered an unnatural death,her soul seemed to have been unable to let go of her matterial attraction,” an intimidated individual was quoted as saying. Some people even suggested that holy scriptures and holy ‘apps’ be incorporated into their facebook accounts.

According to some it may be an outcome of people avoiding those chain messages on Facebook.

When contacted, her family members were unable to provide any useful information which could throw some light on the matter.

“We’ve no frigging idea of what’s going on! If you ask me, with her gone, I’m just happy that I won’t have to pay thousands of bucks on my internet bills anymore!” said her father, who looked more relieved than sad.

Our sources could not contact her mother as she’s out for shopping. When contacted over telephone her friends informed us that she has been posting photos and videos of her “hanging out” with her friends from afterlife at Keowratola.

“Had a blast last night, chilling out with my new friends now” was her first post after being dead.

The city authority has ordered an immediate investigation on the matter.The police has started probing into issue promptly hoping to come out with a solution very soon.

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