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Dan Brown’s next : Professor Langdon exploring the world of emoticons and bitstrips

07, Jan 2014 By dividebyzero

“It’s time for the Harvard professor to breach the world of modern symbols”, says a senior vice president of Dan Brown’s publisher Doubleday on the formal announcement of the author’s new untitled book.

About another one in the series of Robert Langdon, the American professor in Harris Tweed, they said, “It would be interesting as his knowledge of ancient symbols will not come in handy,” revealing that he will be plunged in to the world of the social media icons and the famous emoticons.

Once again a tragic murder of a famous personality is involved and Robert Langdon will be summoned to save the day. But this time the clues are not Mona Lisa or a faraday pointer, but are left in the form of Bitstrips, which is viral on social media nowadays. Still not confirming the involvement of the Bitstrips, the publisher commented, “Rest assured, ancient mysteries will be uncovered in the form of modern ‘avatars’.” So, we should not be surprised if we find a bitstrip containing Michelangelo, Botticelli or Da Vinci!

Dan Brown as usual has not yet been available for comment but publisher assures that the silly and funny emoticons or ‘avatars’ will not be the same after the author is done with them. After booming success of inferno, it remains to see how Brown deals with the current viral trends of Bitstrips.