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Cybercrimes make for Strange Bedfellows

21, Nov 2012 By Ujjal Choudhury

In order to contain the misuse of social media and the cyberspace in general the Maharashtra government today started an initiative to monitor all activities which it considered disruptive to law and order situation in the country.

Speaking on conditions of anonymity, a well informed source within the Maharashtra government told Faking News today that the Maharashtra government has approached the West Bengal government for exploring the options for nabbing culprits perpetrating such crimes against the state in view of its vast experience in the matter.

Kapil Sibal with Mamata Banerjee
The new coalition against social media

The source informed us that the West Bengal government had responded positively to the initiative saying that both governments had to learn a lot from each other and lauded the prompt actions of the Maharashtra government in connection with a recent incident of such nature and the exemplary steps taken earlier against an unpatriotic cartoonist.

Given these developments the All India Trina Mool Congress is believed to be reconsidering its decision to bring in a No Confidence motion against the UPA government. Faking News came to know that Kapil Sibal called up the West Bengal Chief Minister for her support in amending the Indian Constitution to restrict freedom of speech and shutting down internet services at the discretion of the government.

A spokesperson of the All India Trina Mool Congress told Faking News that as a true secular party it believe strongly in preventing activities which hurt religious sentiments and in this regard it fully supported the sentiments of Kapil Sibal and might review its position of joining hands with communal parties to bring the UPA government down.