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Couple uses WhatsApp status to prove they're happy post breakup

28, Jan 2014 By Agnel

“Having the best time of my life” v/s “Thank You God for everything I realize I have”

Not just for fun.

A common friend of a couple has not had to go any further than whatsapp to check if his friends who recently broke up were alright or not.

Rohan and Roma were in a relationship during the whole of Q4 – 2013 have suddenly broken-up owing to unforeseen circumstances and things they had not predicted. Their common friend Rohit has had to see statuses like “Friends are everything”, “Never Trusting Anyone EVER”, “Had the best day of my life with my friends”, “Never knew life could be so much fun”, “Best week of my life”, “Nothing to contain me now”, “As free as a bird”, “Single but AWESOME”,”Never knew my colleagues were this fun”, among others.

He also has had to bear with multiple profile pics of them partying and acting as though they are happy and having the best time of their lives. Curiosity got the better of him and he actually called on them, only to see an unshaven Rohan who seemed like he hadn’t slept for days and a Roma who had looked like she had just gotten off a non-stop flight from Rome with mascara all over her eyes and hair not combed. He then realized that this week of whatsapp statuses were just to prove to their respective exes that they had moved on but reality was miles away.

He then asked them to be more realistic and with their statuses and maybe just stop posting statuses to prove a point to anyone in particular. He also asked them to avoid cryptic messages in them as well. Stuff like “Ha Ha”, “LOL”, “WOW!!” etc. It meant nothing and wouldn’t help anyone including themselves.

The apparently thought he was being a jerk and told him they were happy and not read too much in between the lines. They also said they would continue to post statuses which may make no sense to anyone except their exes to prove they were happy. Along with claims of “He started it” and “She started it”.