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Chinese hackers attacking IRCTC get frustrated and give up after pages take more than 5 mins to load

17, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Cyberspace: Notorious Chinese hacker army popularly known as “Dark Angels (DARKAN)” in the cyber world have finally decided not to hack IRCTC website after a failed hacking attempt yesterday. According to underground tech-blogs DARKAN launched a massive attack on Indian websites, specifically targeting IRCTC, the Indian railways website, and used all possible techniques in the black hat book to crack the IRCTC website. However after 3 hours of continues hacking attempts the DARKAN hacker army fell back because they were apparently unable to load any pages within 5 mins.

You can't hack me!
You can’t hack me!

Country’s top-notch cyber-security expert Dr. Wirendra Baxi commented on the issue and said – “I would like to congratulate the brilliant cyber-security team at IRCTC because they were not only able to identify the Chinese hackers but also slowed them down so much that they actually gave up. Sheer brilliance on part of IRCTC data-security team. Although the under-the-wire forums and chat-rooms are full of DARKAN’s defeat tales but now we need to take this incident as a key learning and re-design our system on lines of IRCTC, so that all government websites can identify any possible hacking attempts and slow them down like IRCTC did.” – he said.

This incident has also been seen as a major cyber-victory by the Indian hacker community. An anonymous Indian hacker by name DeshKaCyberSipahi2077, DKCS2077 for short, talked to Faking News via encrypted black window command-line chat and said:

“DARKAN is notorious, they have no rules, no ethics. They hack for anyone. If paid properly they can even hack their own systems. Plus they are uber-cool, they claim to have hacked some of the most secure systems around the world within seconds. But to see them kneel down before IRCTC was not only shocking but was serendipitous. It answers so many questions on how we can effectively stop the dark hackers.” – DKCS2077 said.

He further continued – “DARKAN hackers can create all kind of cyber tunnels and proxy laiden pathways, they can crack all kind of databases, but they can’t just increase the page load speeds of a website if the background server does not support that kind of a speed. And we hackers are habitual of working at lightening fast speeds. We come in, we hack and we are gone in 15 seconds. But if the page we are trying to hack takes 5 mins to load, that’s a too much of a test of nerves for a hacker.” – DKCS2077 finished.

While IRCTC has not yet commented on the whole issue or has taken any credits for preventing a major anti-hacking attempts, DARKAN has sworn to get back at them with full force. As per well-placed sources, DARKAN is currently working on an automated hacking system which will wait for 5 to 10 minutes after hacking a page, for a subsequently linked page to fully load before trying to hack it.