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Chat room discussion between Rahul, Modi, Kejriwal and others

21, Feb 2014 By Nakul

It appears to be more sensational than Arnab’s interview of Rahul Gandhi. It can expose more truth than Cobra-Post, and India News combined together. Yes dear readers!! We have explicit access to one of the chat sessions of, where your favorite political figures meet behind the scene to discuss the current state of nation.

Kejriwal Modi Rahul
In a chat room this time.

So, here we are sharing the chat session script with you, which we got even before Wikileaks.

Note: Please keep this out of reach of children and heart patients.


Mani.S.Aiyer : Hey Guys!! Good Morning. Awesome Budget Chiddu bro.

P.Chidambaram: Ya, thanks a lot , it was my Harvard skills that made it possible.

Mani.S.Aiyer: Ya..Whatever !!!

*Rahul.G enters room*

Mani.S.Aiyer: Hey Rahul Baba, what’s up ?

Rahul.G: Mani Uncle, I am good, and stop calling me Baba.

Mani.S.Aiyer: Ok, Rahul Baba ūüôā , What happened in Chota Bheem yesterday btw?

Rahul.G: I don’t watch Chota Bheem now, I am a full grown up man for god sake.

P.Chidambaram: Ya, Rahul Ji. But yesterday’s WWE Smackdown was awesome.

Rahul.G: Ya Chiddu Uncle, John Cena nailed the trophy, so cool no?

 *NaMo enters room*

*Apolitical.Bedi enters room*

*Neutral.Anna enters room*

*Apolitical.Ramdev enters room*

*Nationalist.HinduSena enters room*

Mani.S.Aiyer: Look Guys, the tea-seller is here, what’s up Tea-seller.

NaMo: Mitron, I am good and my Gujarat is excellent with all its inclusive growth.

P.Chidambaram: Haha..Hey Tea-Seller, does your inclusive growth include Advani Ji also ?

Rahul.G: HAHAHAHAHAHA..Chiddu Uncle Nailed it..LOL.

Mani.S.Aiyer: Hehehehehehe…tea-seller trolled.

NaMo: Wait a second mitron, let me call my #HDL fans here.

Mani.S.Aiyer: Wow !! Wow!! Hey Tea-Seller, we were just kidding dude. Why the hell you want to bring those loose canons here?

NaMo: Mitron!! Sometimes your words…they hurt ūüôĀ

Rahul.G: Ya Modi Ji, we admire your work, specially the fact that you are building statue of our leader.

NaMo: Thank you Shehzade.

P.Chidambaram: ModiJi, will you please stop calling him a Shehzada!! Its insulting.

NaMo: HarvardJi, even a person who earns Rs12 per day in my Gujarat is a Shehzada, so how is that insulting ?

Mani.S.Aiyer: Ya..Whatever !!

*Meenakshi Lekhi enters room*

*Arnab  Goswami enters room*

*Meenakshi Lekhi logs out*

*Arnab Goswami logs out*

NaMo: WTF Mitron!!

Rahul.G: Ya..really WTF!!

*Arvind.Kejri enters room*

*12,ooo unknown.activists enter rooms*

*Proud.Khaps enter room*

*10 Ugandan diplomats log out*

NaMo: Look, the anarchist aadmi is here, mitron!!

Rahul.G: Hahaha…nailed it Modiji, you nailed it.

Mani.S.Aiyer: AK, dude, what the hell are you doing here?

Arvind.Kejri: Aam Aadmi can and will enter everywhere now, your offices, your parliaments and even your chatrooms.

P.Chidambaram: Will the Aam Aadmi enter my washroom? It is dirty, may be your broom can do something there.

Mani.S.Aiyer: HAHAHAHAHAHA….Trolled !!

NaMo: Hahahaha..Mitron!! Very inclusive joke !!

Rahul.G: AK, why don’t you ask Somnath Bharti to resign?

Arvind.Kejri: But Rahul Baba, my entire Government resigned.

Rahul.G: Ya ya..but the real question is why are you not  asking Somnath Bharti to resign?

Arvind.Kejri: WTF!!

NaMo: Seriously Shehzade, go to Diggi Uncle, you need more political Gyaan.

*Meenakshi Lekhi enters room*

*Arnab  Goswami enters room*

*Meenakshi Lekhi logs out*

*Arnab Goswami logs out*

Arvind.Kejri: WTF Arnab is upto !!

*Manish.Tiwari enters room*

*Oxford.Dictonary enters room*

* enters room*

Manish.Tiwari: Namaste netizens, accept my salutations for this propitious day.

NaMo: Mitron, please send me dictionary.

Arvind.Kejri: Inse Aam Aadmi ki language nahi boli jaati, yeh junta ko gumrah karte hain.

Manish.Tiwari: Mr.Kejriwal, please tell me who is misleading this genteel nation on the issue of misgovernance? No one knows what you exactly want?

Arvind.Kejri: Mai hu aam aadmi, mujhe chahiye swaraj.

NaMo: Mitron!! He wouldn’t talk to us, let me call Sushma Swaraj Ji here.

*Arvind.Kejri logs out*

*12,ooo unknown.activists log out*

*Proud.Khaps logs out*

*10 Ugandan Diplomats enters room*

Mani.S.Aiyer: Hahahaa…Bhagoda Kejri.

NaMo:Bhagoda Kejri….Mitron!!

*Meenakshi Lekhi enters room*

*Arnab  Goswami enters room*

Meenakshi Lekhi: Arnab why are you snooping me?

Arnab  Goswami: Hold on a second Miss.Lekhi, I am a responsible journalist and not Narendra Modi Gujarat Government.


Arnab  Goswami: Why are laughing Mr.Aiyer? Is this some kind of joke to you? The nation wants to know if UPA ministers like you are so drunk in power..sSo drunk in power that they laugh upon a responsible journalist ?

Mani.S.Aiyer: But Arnab I was…

Arnab ¬†Goswami: You didn’t answer my question. Anyways, Miss.Lekhi, coming back to you, why did you log out every time I logged in here? To avoid my questions? Well you can’t , the nation wouldn’t accept such rampant behavior of politicians like you.

Meenakshi Lekhi: Arre Baba leave that, tell me Arnab, are you paid well in TimesNow, because we have a job in BJP for you.

Arnab ¬†Goswami: Hold on a second…what did you say? What did you say Miss Lekhi? Admin get me one to one with Miss Lekhi here, no one interrupts..No one !! Miss Lekhi…Never ever, ever , ever……

*Arnab  Goswami is kicked out of room by Admin*

Meenakshi Lekhi: Sigh!! Thank God Mukesh Bhai, you saved us. You are the best admin.

Mukesh.Ambani: Don’t worry guyz, this chatroom is my Dukaan. I will not allow anyone to misbehave with you, feel free to talk now, now that I am administrating it from over. Don’t Worry!!

NaMo: Ok Mitron!!  I am leaving now. Have to attend a rally.

*NaMo logs out*

*Apolitical.Bedi logs out *

*Neutral.Anna logs out room*

*Apolitical.Ramdev logs out*

*Nationalist.HinduSena logs out*

*Arvind.Kejri enters room*

*12,ooo unknown.activists enter rooms*

*Proud.Khaps enter room*

*10 Ugandan Diplomats log out*

Arvind.Kejri: Ambani Saab, tell me one thing…KG Basin..

*Mukesh.Ambani logs out*

*CII logs out*