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CEO personally talks instead of writing an open letter, leaves daughter shocked and devastated

10, May 2016 By bumbegum

Mumbai. In a shocking incidence of high society business family, Naresh, CEO of a MNC DejaVu and father of 19year old Sara, talks directly to his daughter instead of writing an open letter.

From Chanda to Fitzgerald, open letters a part of Parenting
From Chanda to Fitzgerald, open letters a part of Parenting

In an exclusive interview, his daughter, Sara revealed horrifying details of the incident. She continued to say, “Growing up in this beautiful world of Facebook and Twitter, recently mother of my friend wrote a heart touching open letter for her. Reading those lines brought tears to my eyes, with a constant wish of coming across a heartfelt letter addressed to me by my father.”

The incident took place on Sunday, when Naresh was at home and decided to talk directly to his daughter, living in the next room, instead of using Facebook to express himself. When asked Sara about the content of their discussion she agitated and replied, “Does that even matter? Here my world is falling apart, I’ve become a laughing stock in my friend circle, people have been trolling me on Facebook for having an ignorant father and you have the audacity to ask me this?”

After the incident was disclosed by Sara in a heartbreaking status, many people took to twitter and Facebook in Sara’s support and the hashtag #GiveSaraHerRight was trending for days.

Despite of excessive attempts made to contact Naresh, he chose to stay unavailable and kept silent on the blunder he committed.