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Cabinet clears proposal to divide Twitter into smaller sites

01, Aug 2013 By bwoyblunder

Following its Telangana decision, UPA has decided to take the plunge and fulfill a long standing demand of Tweeters to have a separate Timeline activities which they do not like, which cater to the needs and aspirations of various groups.

It is also seen as a move driven by Kapil Sibal to divide the Online community to break their unity and also since it will make monitoring easier.

For many months we had Tweeters complaining about how Brands, Political Tweeters, Manchester United fans, True Football fans, Bollywood fans, Punners, Blog promoters, Fav Star aficionados, Tweetchors etc were polluting their timeline and taking undue advantage of mutual followbacks which are very difficult to unfollow without getting into a twitter fight.

Young tweeps like @RealSlimSwamy had got sick of the IPL frenzy on his timeline and had already called a Definite Bandh on his Twitter Account. After much coaxing and persuasion, Swamy finally called of his Bandh after IPL was over and Siddhu promised he would not speak on Cricket for a year at least.

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Twitter veterans speak of the days gone by when Twitter for free of brands and contests and trending topics were based on brain fades of celebs (Girl Gang by Shahid Kapoor). Hashtags weren’t attached to quizzes and the only contest was for popularity and more followers. New Twitter users still cannot believe that such a Twitter existed.

Eminent Twitterati also have mentioned their displeasure towards other kinds of users:

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So it has been decided to Split Twitter into following categories:

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This has led to massive outrage on twitter. Most aggrieved are Word Play enthusiasts and Punners who feel homeless, or having too many homes. The have said they keep tweeting on different topics and cannot be expected to fit in only one site.