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Bulk SMS hanged!!! End... of Freedom

12, Feb 2013 By tarasnake

The End

An Excerpt from SMS Channel web site owned by Google Labs:

“SMS Channels are temporarily paused due to rise in bulk SMS costs. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

SMS Channels

Media Opinion of Gupshup (formerly SMS GupShup):

Existing SMS users of GupShup that migrate to the app will still maintain their profiles, history and relationships with other users. The service, previously known as SMS GupShup, will now be known simply as GupShup, reflecting it’s extension beyond SMS.  (Source URL:


Excerpt from OnTextme :

Service down.

Sorry, we’re undergoing some maintenance and will be back shortly!!!
Thus, after Anna Movement and the Delhi Braveheart, when people rallied for genuine aspirations… the government scored another gagging victory after they realized that nobody protested the silent hanging of Kasab and Afzal Guru.
Elated by limiting bulk commercial sms to 100 and bringing it to control,  Kapil Sibal at a recent press conference when asked, replied sarcastically  “Kya aapne ye NE log ko Bangalore se BULK dhakka di … ?   ye to SMS ka maamla tha.” .