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Boy fails to buy condom online as Flipkart crashes, hospitalized after failed suicide attempt

08, Oct 2014 By ricky1994

The Big Billion day has made Sameer Vidyarthi the biggest casualty of the E-Commerce race. Not only did his aspirations of fornication dwindle away, he has now lost his only love in life (apart from his right hand).

Sameer Vidyarthi is a 19 year old student at the Delhi University. Passive and extremely shy by nature, Sameer isn’t the typical DUite, who would fancy himself to be a socialite, wounding up drunk in random parties and flirting with women around. Had it not been for Vedika, the closest he would have ever reached a girl is probably when his shadow would press itself upon a girl on a sunny afternoon.

depressed man

Vedika, a fellow 2nd year is a beautiful smart girl at his college and had been his girlfriend since 1st year. Their relationship was recited as an unreal plot of “She is way out of my league” actually happening.

Lately Sameer had been thinking about sex and had made attempts to persuade Vedika is a congenial manner, so as not to offend her in any way. One day, as he was sitting with her, he finally proposed the idea.

“Seeing her face light up was rather unexpected, and I thought that probably I had got the phonetics all wrong. Maybe she heard something else like a six or sit or slavery or slather. I am not sure, I was a bit nervous” exclaimed the now dejected Sameer.

But she indeed had heard it right and she seemed up for it.

“Haan” the monosyllabic response was like a dream”, claims Sameer.

Being the first time, it couldn’t have been a spontaneous thing, but rather a well thought out plan.  So they decided upon a place, which was to be his flat, and a date, which was the 6th of October. Other accessories such as wine and condoms were to be catered for. Condoms were the main requisite.

“She wouldn’t do it, if I didn’t get the condoms. So, pressure was really high” bellowed bechara Sameer.

“I had tried visiting the nearest pharmacy. They had all sorts of condoms taped up at the back. Not sure which ones exactly, I could barely look at them. The lady at the counter would constantly nudge me, asking me what I wanted and I didn’t have the courage to stretch out my hands and ask for condoms. I would eventually run back to my flat with a bunch of unwanted medications” said Sameer, now nearly sobbing.

After having visited the pharmacy about 8 times in the past one week, Sameer had ended up picking anything that would be in sight, reeling from the pressure at the pharmacy. He now had a couple of aspirins, a Pediasure, a surgical mask, and even maxipads as they were just beneath the counter in front. After being stared upon by fellow customers and a few smirky college girls, he ran out as fast as he could.

“It donned onto me that even flipkart deals in regular merchandise. I thought that I could avail their one day delivery and have it delivered as soon as possible. So, on the morning of the D-Day I logged onto to their website. But the website had already crashed, so did my aspirations. I lost my breath for a moment. It was like somebody punched me hard on my stomach and cracked my ribs open.”

“My girlfriend broke up with me that very day when I told her what had happened. She told me, that if I can’t even manage this, how I will manage my whole life. I tried to reason her out of this, but she just quoted Chetan Bhagat – Deta hai toh de, varna kat leeeee…….” Sameer said, eventually breaking down.

Following this incident he had tried committing suicide, after taking an overdose of aspirins. Having survived, Sameer is currently recuperating at the Government Hospital.