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Boy depressed after catching girlfriend whom he met in email spam box, cheating with his best friend

07, Nov 2014 By mpsharmaauthor

An Indian youth whose real identity is being kept confidential by his parents was admitted to the popular Delhi Hospital today suffering from severe depression after catching his girlfriend “Adrianna” cheating with his best friend.

Doctors have told Faking News Journalists that “Majnoo” (the nickname they have given the boy to ensure his anonymity) is under critical care and 24 hour supervision.

Majnoo’s parents on the other hand are beside themselves as they had not known about Adrianna’s existence until they found their son in a state of shock sobbing uncontrollably in his bedroom after he had uncovered uncensored messages between his best friend Raj and his girlfriend.

“We even asked our son to show us some photographs of Adrinana,” Majnoo’s father said, “but this only got him more anxious as he told us that all the photos had been shared via Facebook and were deemed inappropriate and shameful for children as well as parents apparently”.

“I have tried consoling our beta with some ghar ka made khana but even that has not worked,” Majnoo’s traditional Indian mother exclaimed, clearly worried about her son’s worsening condition. “Now I am really worried”.

Further investigation has revealed that the infamous Adrianna has simultaneously been flirting and dating a number of youths all over the World, having hooked all her boyfriends via their Email Spam box.

Though Faking News attempted to contact the self-proclaimed “Hot Russian babe”, we have been unable to source her in Russia and initial findings suggest that Adrianna may not even be female!

Some critics have suggested that warning bells should have gone off in Majnoo’s head when Adrianna had remained 21 years old for the past eight years she has been courting Majnoo.

Doctors have requested that Majnoo not be told of any breaking news about Adrianna, especially with inconsistencies surrounding her gender as it may be the last straw for him and could result in a complete nervous breakdown.

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