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Boy breaks up with girl over Facebook like

12, Mar 2014 By nishadshah

In a bizarre story, a teenage Indian boy, Arnob, broke up with his girlfriend of 7 days, Lekha, over a Facebook like.

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Apparently, the whole issue popped up when Lekha changed her profile picture and Arnob did not like it. This made Lekha furious and she accused Arnob of infidelity, which he could not tolerate and broke up with her.

When asked about the incident, Lekha told: “I was continuing with my daily routine of changing profile picture. As usual, I was waiting for Arnob to like and comment. I waited for 2 hours, but still Arnob did not like. I sensed something fishy. Then, I saw Arnob comment Aww on Sania’s picture and knew that something was brewing between them. So I confronted him and broke up.”

Inspite of repeated calls and even a text message saying The nation wants to know, Arnob remained unavailable for any comments.

Here is a copy of the facebook conversation provided by the NSA:

Lekha: I know you have an affair with Sania.

Arnob: What did you say? Please repeat.

Lekha: Why should I repeat? I do not have to repeat myself. You can see the earlier chat.

Arnob: Just because I liked her pic, never ever, ever ever, say something as ridiculous as you have. I will not compete in likes with you. Never ever ever ever again make such accusations to an faithful flirt. I have liked the pic.

Lekha: No, I will not tolerate this nonsense. I am katti with you.

When Rewind Kejriwal, leader of Aam Aashiq’s Party, came to know about this, he sensed deep roots of corruption and said, “Arnob has liked it but Lekha has not got the like. Yehi to scam hai, iski jaanch kon karega?”

Meanwhile, Rahul Roy, leader of Indian Nari Committee, raised serious doubts on the state of women empowerment and youth empowerment and said that an RTI investigation will be launched about the missing like.

At present, the case has been given to CID where ACP Pradyuman is busy asking, ” Like aakhir aayi to gai kahan.”