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Boy attains Nirvana during the Whats App crash, enroute Himalayas

24, Feb 2014 By Sandeep Singh

Delhi – Whats App is ruling the news throughout the week. Earlier the whooping deal of 19 Million Dollars with Mark Zuckerberg and just three days later the unexpected crash of the application across the nation. The 3 hours crash created shock waves equivalent to an Earthquake or a low intensity natural calamity and mustered the same amount of Tweets and copied statuses.

Shivam already started on his journey to Himalaya.

The App went down around 11:59 PM, the most crucial time for lovers. There were reports of many break ups as the guy could’t wish “Gud Nyt Jaanu” to their respective partners. Not just love birds but even the forever alone guys were bad in shape, Faking News talked to Raju who is celebrating his birthday today, “WTF ! Ek din hota hai jab har koi message karta hai .. I took advance wishes from the family members and went to my room waiting for a lot of messages but alas,” said the frustrated youngster.

The temporary shut however proved to be beneficial for some people. Shivam, a 20 year old college going student got the most out the panic situation. “Life is so beautiful .. There are no worries, those three hours were the best I had in a long time. I was not able to see her ‘Last Seen at’, she was not able to blame me for some random issue.. I definitely have attained Nirvana,”  Shivam expressed his joy with an interview to Faking News.

“There was no sound of the irrelevant Group messages.. No nude or pornographic videos in the “Bachelors Fun” group.. I talked to my family members, they all seemed changed but felt good after talking to them after so long,” Shivam added.

Our reporter inquired about the big step of going to the Himalayas. “Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for opening my eyes, but if I stayed here I would again fall into this trap. Leaving all the moh-maya I would go to that sacred place and return to pursue a successful profession of being a Baba or something,” replied the cunning youngster.