Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Avian toes line of Salman Khan

15, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It was the pleasant weather. The soft air was blowing gently and slowly. The sun was disappearing on the horizon. The birds were singing wedding songs. The girls were swinging on the traditional indigenous swings hung down the neem tree. There were sitting a nightingale and a crow upon its strong trunk. So realising the nicer opportunity, the nightingale thought it better to ask the dark blackish crow a very congenial valued question which is not limited to the avian society only. It is raised at a certain period of time. It is part of the natural law.

Despite all the aspects or theories linked with the liberty, such query is raised as it also holds recognition of elders. Therefore peeping round the crow, sweet-tongued Nightingale threw its mann ki baat and felt an absolute relief. The valuable question was just the same which our media men commonly ask from the Bollywood’s popular bachelor Salman Khan. When the harsh crow heard this significant billion dollars query, he did not pause for enough time to reply. The question was applicable on young energetic black bird of the free avian society. His response was not a great deal distinct from handsome hero Salman Khan. Although crow represented a different samaj yet felt like Salman of the human society.

The Nightingale was desperate to get a solid answer from smooth feathered crow and this avian was calm and relaxed in putting its counter reply. It said: “Life was full of disturbances without a life partner. If married you could imagine the consequences.” This nervy answer worried the lovely nightingale and it continued to ponder over brainy crow’s curt reply. Its little mind once also happened to hear the leading actor saying what use of wedding is if the so many decades of the God-gifted life goes on without the wedlock.