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Ashamed Hyderabadi voter posts photoshopped finger selfie on facebook

02, May 2014 By siddhartha

An ashamed Hyderabadi voter who went to his hometown to celebrate the long weekend in Andhra Pradesh( April 30: Voting, May 1st: May Day, May 2nd: Loose motions, May 3rd: saturday, May 4th: sunday) posted his photoshopped hand on facebook to make believe his friends on facebook that he voted.

Mr. HareRam, 26, who works for an MNC in Hyderabad, on opening his facebook on 30th, the voting day, saw selfies of his friends with red-inked fingers, captioned “voted for the 1st time”, “feeling responsible”, “done my part”,”selfie with wifie while voting”, etc. He felt embarrassed on seeing this and wanted to post a similar photo. He then googled for “hands” and found a photo which matches with his hand, photoshopped it and posted.

He initially got  some likes and appreciative comments but as time passed some of his friends found that it was not genuine and caught him red-fingered.

“Initially I didn’t focus on that pic much as my newsfeed for the whole day contained only hands. But on close observation, I found that his hand was not that fair as it looks in the pic,” said HareKrishn, a friend of Ram.

It was known that the politically active youth of Hyderabad recorded a very high 53% voting as against  the low 73 percent on average across the state.

“Democracy is not voting. It is shouting against the government on facebook, making hashtags on twitter, and blabbering about inefficient officials on blogs,” said a social(network) activist named Krantiveer.

“We are doing enough round the year to mobilize the country. So, we thought we could take a day rest on voting holiday. So, we all planned to go home for the long weekend, ” said  Abhyudaya, the convener of “vote B***C*** vote” campaign, based out of Hyderabad, which mobilizes the nation to vote.