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Arindham Chowdary sues Sunny Leone and Google for defamation, claims first place in Zeitgeist

23, Dec 2013 By Fanoc

Dr.Arindham Chowdary, the self-proclaimed management guru, economist, author, think-tank, genius, billionaire and philanthropist has reportedly sued actress Sunny Leone and search engine Google on the grounds of defamation. Reports indicate, he also tried to sue the internet but decided against it after realizing it is technically impossible.


Protests by students erupted across 18 IIPM branches when Prof. Chowdary got offended on not getting featured on Google’s recently released Year-End Zeitgeist 2013. They held banners which read “Dare to search beyond Sunny Leone” and “Google conspires against Arindham”.

The Students also went on expressing their anger through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter but not on google+. One reportedly tweeted “Who is this Sunny Leone? Why is Google misleading people? You know, I know that prof. Chowdary is the most searched name on the internet. Don’t you?” Another tweeted, “Sunny Leone may be considered a philanthropist for her service to mankind entertainment industry but Arindham demonstrates inhuman super human capabilities and versatility.”

At another protest center, a faking news reporter, tried to reason with the students there by trying to explain that “Sunny Leone” might have been searched for some other reasons to which a visible offended student Pappu retorted, “Prof Chowdary beats everyone at their own game.”

He went on to argue that Prof Chowdary was the most versatile human living on Earth and compared him with the likes of Batman and Iron man. He added that “justice will prevail” and that all the ardent fans of Arindham are trying their best to search his name on Google repeatedly to increase the number of hits before the end of 2013.

However, when the reporter reminded him that the next list comes out only in next December, he said that they would release their own Zeitgeist on coming December 31st and publish it in pamphlets, text books and various other advertising media. That reporter was stunned at the cult following for Chowdary.

Another student from behind shouted, “F*** Google, We will start ‘Searchindham’, a search engine named after Arindham and every word searched in the engine will count Arindham Chowdary” At this point, the reporter fled the place.

Finally, Arindham Chowdary was available for comment. On asking if he considers himself the most versatile genius ever he said, “I am a humble person and I need to admit the fact that Leonardo Da Vinci might give me a good fight. But then again, it is like those never-ending debates on TimesCow. And since, Leonardo Da Vinci is not there anymore, I have to be the most searched person in India”. On enquiring if he really has to take offence in the list,he said as the most wanted and ridiculed talked about person in the world, he has every right to claim the position.

We reached Sunny for comment; she kept saying she doesn’t know anything. When asked about Arindham she said, “I don’t know who this Arindham is”. When asked about the ongoing protests, she said, “I don’t know what protests you are talking about”. When asked about why she is first on the list, she said “I don’t know why” but the third time around the reporter caught her blushing and biting her lower lip. We got tired of getting no’s as answers and asked her about Leonardo Da Vinci. She said she really loved his action in Titanic movie and has a 3D Blue ray version of the same. She said she has future plans for Hollywood and would love to make a “movie” with him.