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Angry letter by a teen to the President of India for getting less likes on Facebook

17, Sep 2013 By hoaxslayer

In a spectacular announcement today, a teen has written an angry letter to the President of India, complaining about the under-appreciation his posts are getting on Facebook.

Talking to Faking News, the teenage boy, who calls himself  “Satan”, told us that he was angry how people copy statuses from other famous pages and get more likes and comments.

“Come on man, where is the sense of humor in these people!?” he protested.

When asked about the source of his content, he said that he thinks the funny statuses and picture updates.

“Some people get more likes and comments on S$%t they post, like ‘lol, jst came bak from bus lol i have so many #swag’… It makes me angry!”

“Actually, I have lots of jokes on congress and the NSA spying on us, but I don’t post them because I would be put in jail” said an angry Satan.

When asked about why he thinks he doesn’t get enough likes, he went on something like, “People are too stupid to get my jokes!”

And when we asked him what does this have to do about the President of India,

“The Indian Government is solely responsible for the idiotism that is prevailing in the Social Networks. As the  suggested installation of “Mental Detectors” in polling booths, he demanded that they be installed on the ‘sign-up’ pages of Social Networking sites, to be assured that idiots don’t have the access to social networks.*

“To hell with the polls, Man! I want likes. LIKES!… Hell, I’ll even post 1like=1 prayer statuses if I don’t get enough likes on my facebook page!” threatened Satan.

The President, not knowing the situation at ground zero, asked the Prime Minister to set up a probe in the Social Networks to check that there is no abuse of Congress Party.

“It will take nearly 3-4 years for the probe to continue, but I want to assure the people of the country that all the accounts of S.C. and S.T. people would automatically  get 100 likes on every post they post on Facebook”

But the C.E.O. of Facebook(India) protested that the terms and conditions of the contract were not defined properly.

For example, he said that the Article 2 section 5 fails to define the clause 4 about mandatory 1 billion likes on every post that is posted by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi”

He said that it fails to tell us (facebook) anything about comments, such as “East or West, Congress is the best” and links to ads of “Bharat Nirman”. Whether they should be mandatorily added to the posts.

“Doing business with the Govt. Of India is a very though job” said the C.E.O.

The Prime Minister was even over-heard by a ‘kaam waali bai’ who agreed to leak the information, at the cost of Rs.501 about the Government’s plan to acquire a majority of shares in Facebook Inc.

Faking News was absolutely shocked to comprehend that Mr. Manmohan Singh talked in the absence of his Mistress, Sonia Gandhi.

The political wing of Faking News thinks that Manmohan Singh would be made to work as a ‘Kaam wala bhai’ under Rahul Gandhi, but later dismissed the idea because Manmohan was quoted as saying that he loves to work under Rahul Gandhi.

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