Friday, 20th April, 2018

Aliens found Faking News transcripts and you won't believe what happened...

22, Jul 2014 By Vamshi Krishna

It’s 2076, not so far from now. But the man kind has been completely destroyed by several natural calamities and man made disasters. As you can imagine there were no piece of historical transcripts or any notes about mankind were left behind.

Everything was destroyed. However one of the backup database of faking news was trickily placed on a new IRCTC server which survived these calamities and blasts.

In these 76 years, some planet’s technology has evolved constructively and they successfully landed on Earth. Since they were able to see the mess we have created and whole lot of debris, They started searching for the trace of life. But they couldn’t find any. So they thought of finding something which could help them learn about what happened on earth in past.

In this process they had technologies which can scan whole earth for such a material in just 30minutes. At the end of 30th minute they could find nothing.

However they were able to see something returning a “Service Unavailable” message, which they had never seen before in their history. One of their engineers who did his PhD on ancient history of networks had read somewhere during his thesis preparation that it was a default message of 1billion people’s beloved server.

So they investigated further to find the server and checked out the data present on it. They found several GBs of news articles of the backup server of Faking News.

It was their pride moment of finding something about Human race on Earth. They declared their mission as successful and returned to their planet with the server to analyze and learn about what happened with humans. To be continued…