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Airtel changes slogan to "Don't express yourself" to woo Flipkart back

15, Apr 2015 By johnrj

Mumbai: After getting severe pressure from netizens over the alleged anti-net neutrality plans laid by TRAI and in turn affecting Airtel Zero, flipkart has decided to opt out of the deal. In turn, Airtel has changed their slogan from “Express yourself” to “Don’t express yourself” to bring back its clients.

“Our slogan was express yourself… ON THE PHONE not against us”, said a frustrated Airtel employee, “They shouldn’t have expressed themselves like this to us. Oh come on! We have AR Rehmann’s music as our theme song”.

Airtel's new punchline: Don't Express Yourself!
Airtel’s new punchline: Don’t Express Yourself!

After Airtel went from hero to (literally) zero with their plan, netizens have planned to use Skype more than use Airtel’s phone lines. When asked for comments from Airtel employees many of them started giving strange stares at the reporters and said “Its #MyChoice to increase rates before billing, during billing and after billing”.

However, after Airtel realized that people are not accepting their recent plans including the previous deal to charge for Skype calls etc, they have changed their motto from “Express yourself” to “Don’t express yourself” to make people to not complain against them often. “I think people are taking the motto too literally” said a calm Airtel customer care employee “Now we will ask them not to express their slangs to customer care personnel also”.

Airtel has repeatedly called Flipkart headquarters to make them comeback without expressing themselves. “We are pretty sure Airtel won’t be dealing with us anymore”, said an employee, “We have asked them to purchase at least one item in our next big discount day without crashing their browser or servers. We are very confident on our power in making them not do that”.

After the motto change, people have hesitated to express themselves due to the ban by Airtel. Airtel ads have come up showing cricket players getting hit by bouncers and men not proposing his girlfriend for 30 years with Airtel flashing “Don’t express yourself” to assert their opinion.

Flipkart who were getting single star ratings for their app as a result of their planned collaboration with Airtel zero are planning to have a Big Zero discount deal to get their customers back. “We have made a mistake to join the zero deal” said a Flipkart employee “Now we will give out things for 0 rupees to get back our customers. Of course the servers and browsers will be very tricky during the discount day”.

After the flop of Airtel zero, TRAI is indecisive over the Internet regulations to be taken. Amazon has silently rejoiced at Flipkart’s overambitious mistake and has planned to conduct a ‘Flopkart’ deal to annoy its competitors too. More news to follow.