Monday, 19th February, 2018

Aadhaar Cards of people who don't like "Like if You are a True Indian" pics to be cancelled

04, Feb 2017 By electroman

Indian Government has announced today that the Aadhaar cards of people who did not like the “Like if You are a True Indian” type of pics shared in Facebook will be cancelled. The central government is closely watching every citizen’s social media life. There are so many anti-nationals among us. After successfully battling terrorism at the borders with poorly fed Jawans, the government has turned its focus on the anti-national elements within the country.

Be true Indian. Even on Facebook.
Be true Indian. Even on Facebook.

The party spokesperson said that their cyberwing’s main job was not just posting fake news about Mahatma or Nehru or other religions. They also posted numerous pics with the phrases given below to stir up the pseudo-patriotism among youngsters.

  • “Like if You are a True Indian”
  • “Share if you are a true Indian” “1 like = 1 salute” “Comment Jai Hind if you are a true Indian” “Use left hand for washing if you are a true Indian”

But many people have been scrolling past these pics without liking. In order to teach a lesson to them, their citizenship will be cancelled.

They have to keep liking these types of pictures in FB and share them in whatsapp and tweet them in twitter for a period of 3 years to earn back the lost citizenship. They will also be allocated 10 “Share in 3 seconds for good news” type of messages per day to spread in social media.