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A Jon Snow fan takes "Which GoT character are you" quiz, gets Lord Varys in result

09, Jul 2014 By abhikabhi

The increasing trend of playing “which character from a TV series are you” has not gone too well with many of the youngsters.

Although, there are internet users who love to play these quizzes and post the results of quiz, claiming they are a particular character, there are plenty others who play similar quiz and do not get their favorite character even after multiple attempts.

Lord Varys

An avid internet user claimed to have gone in depression after he took the “Which GOT character are you” and got Lord Varys as a result.

“I have always liked Jon Snow, since the first episode,” says Prashant who played the same quiz for 5040 times and never got Jon Snow as result. He used all the permutations of answers in hope of getting Jon Snow, so that he could post the result on Facebook.

The results are random irrespective of the answers to the questions, says Prashant who also claims that he knows nothing just like his favorite GOT character.

A similar 21 year old who recently joined Twitter and upon seeing the trends took “Which Mahabharata character are you” quiz got disappointed after the result told him that he was Bhishma. Sunil says he ate 35 laddoos just like his favourite Mahabharata character Bheem before starting the quiz. He was surprised to get Bhishma as he always lies in real life and never stands on what he says.

Meanwhile, a new start up in Bengaluru has vowed to make an app which would let the user only decide what result he/she wants. This would let people share whatever false identities they want to project for themselves, says the maker of the app.