Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

A boy from Meerut beaten up badly by his Father for uplaoded pics of Sharmaji on Father's day saying 'Baap Ho Toh Aisa'

20, Jun 2016 By chetanrane

Meerut: Ketan Varma, 29, from Meerat was beaten up badly by his father on Father’s Day.  When our team approached the site, we learned that the reason of Varmaji beating up Ketan was astonishing. The boy uplaoded 29 pictures of Sharmaji (Who is the neighbour of Varmaji) on the father’s day saying Feeling Blessed “Baap Ho Toh Aisa” & ‘Thank You, God’.

When we get hold of Ketan, he told our Journalist that, He has done nothing wrong and he is, in fact happy. He said, “Today is a special day, Nobody ever liked my facebook posts & today I got a huge response, I’ve got lots comments which said people are in support of what I did today and they agree with me.”