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64 MLA request google, Webster to ban the word "Modi"

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Pune. In a desperate attempt to stop the users requesting the query regarding BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, 64 MLA again have come up with unique idea. They have submitted a plea cum order to search engine giant Google to stop words consisting of “modi”. 64 MLA have become the savior for the ruling UPA Government.

Citing the huge popularity of Modi in cyber world too, this step was taken.

This has been learned that they had earlier come up with same idea when they submitted the same plea to US president Obama to not to use the word “modi”. However, when our “source/reporters” tried contacting Obama, he was heard laughing.

Our “sources” also had comments from one of the MLA who was not ready to conceal name.  MLA said that he had tried everything to stop the popularity of modi, but it was growing like never before. One day, when he was searching “some” “good” information on internet, he was struck with this idea.

The MLA also said that they are I collaboration with Information and Broadcast Ministry headed by a “spokesperson”, and have requested dictionaries like Webster to remove words like “modi-fied”, “mod-ern” etc. Instead the words suggested by Congress core group are “rahu-fied” and “rahu-ern” etc.

He stresses more and says that Google and all such companies have to do what we order. We are also planning to bring the bill to support this, and this will be an e-bill so that “no one” can tear it and throw it away in dustbin. You see we have foolproof plans. We have requested the Election Commission to ban the word as well because this was unconstitutional according to “some” Law minister.

The MLA also extended his wise thoughts and said that they are planning to drop the Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) from the opinion polls as this leads to conflict of interests of our party, and we are ready to bring the bill for this, if needed. And if anyone is against us in this matter, we have bill for that as well.