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24 year old presumed dead after he fails to ‘like’ a single event in 40 hours

27, Jun 2014 By farhanansari

In a shocking incident, Ramesh – a 24 year old boy from Mainpuri was presumed dead because of ‘no activity’ on Facebook (or any other social media, for that matter).

The complaint was lodged by his parents and seconded by his friends and cousins, who were certain that an absence from social media for this long is troubling and could possibly mean either death or kidnapping – the latter was rejected by his parents who explained that they were poor farmers and didn’t have any rivalry.


“Ramesh was very social. He had more than 500 friends, even though he had never met at least 300 of them. He made it a point to comment on each and every status update, no matter how busy he was with other stuff. He was also immensely popular with the girls and was considered a hearththrob since he never missed any opportunity to ‘like’ their pictures, no matter how ridiculous or senseless they were. He also showered these pictures with elaborate compliments, including but not limited to – nyc, lukin b’ful, grgs, kewl,” said his friend. “He will be deeply missed,” he concluded.

Shivam, who is an active member of RSS and also a good friend, pointed that Ramesh had a very dominant spiritual side as well. He goes on to clarify that Ramesh never failed to share any spiritual pictures or quotes that almost always had the message ‘If you don’t share it, something bad will happen to you in the next 24 hours’. He further insisted that this was the first thing that Ramesh did every morning, even before commenting on girl’s pictures. The last part of this claim could not be verified independently.

It was also reported that the police is not registering the FIR, stating that there is not enough grounds to do so. The parents are furious over this and blame the backward attitude of the Akhilesh Yadav government and his administration for not having faith in the technological advances of the 21st century.

Citing convenience, they stated that even though they lived in the same house, their primary mode of communication with Ramesh was mostly through Facebook and more recently WhatsApp and they had a very healthy parent-son relationship. Gautam – a close friend of Ramesh, who lives just across the street and dreams to be a sumo wrestler one day (he is 5’5’’ and weighs 140 kilos) insists that checking Ramesh’s activity on Facebook was a much more logical and practical way to ascertain that he is missing rather than actually walking across the street and checking on him.

Social media is already abuzz with photos of Ramesh tagged with the missing status along with the details of the contact person and so on.