Friday, 27th April, 2018

"Zero loss" in Vadra case - Digvijay Singh

06, Oct 2012 By SM

In a series of zero loss theories, political guru of Rahul gandhi and former chief minister of MP Shri Digvijay Singh added a new chapter. Thursday evening while discussing about “What should be Sachin’s retirement plan” on ABP News he responded to the breaking news flash (which was flashing there for last 4 hours) about the alleged connection between Robert Vadra company and DLF.

After IAC activists and future politician Arvind Kejariwal came up with details, Shri Digvijay Singh clarified that there is zero loss in all this issue. Further he said that as the favors given by all the Con-gress ruled state government to DLF were all National Wealth and as Shri Robert Vadra is National sonof a b***h son-in-law, its the national wealth going in national son-in-law’s account through third party. Hence there is no loss of national wealth, resulting in zero loss.

Meanwhile discussing Sachin’s retirement plan he suggested that now that there is Virat Kohli ready to take up the bigger role, its time Sachin should leave the place for him.