Friday, 27th April, 2018

'Zero' is a secular number: Lallu Kumar Gupta in All India mathematics congress

13, Apr 2015 By yogendra

Mumbai: Since long it has been a subject of concern that where the number Zero should be fit in. As we all know that Zero is not regarded as a natural number by most of the scientists.

I am Secular, mind it.

Long back Aryabhatt has invented zero and since then a lot of effort has been made to classify this number. Some mathematician think it to a representation of natural ‘nothingness’. So it can be a natural number but others have point of view in contrast to it.

But recently our intellectual mathematician Lallu Kumar Gupta has studied a lot of properties of zero and presented a paper in ‘Indian mathematics congress’ in which he has suggested that zero should be a ‘secular’ number. The major arguments presented by him in his favor are as follows:

1. Zero was born in India and India is a secular country. So, one who has his birth place India must inherently be secular as per constitution.

2. Zero is indivisible but it can divide anyone and anything to make them undefined so are the seculars. Though seems ironical but in India secular divides more than others. So, zero is very close to secular characteristics.

3. Zero makes every other thing zero when multiplied; this means zero treats everyone equally. This is another secular characteristic of zero. Seculars multiply the growth with zero and thus growth turns zero in India.

This paper did hit the bulls’ eyes and has become a matter of speculation. Many politicians who claim them to be secular are now thinking how they can use Zero in their political agenda.