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Yogi Baba files for a patent

06, Feb 2014 By khakshar

Yogi Baba

Some week after celebrating the elimination of Polio in India The Ministry of Health is worried about detection of an old unknown virus now rampant. This new Virus is spreading like epidemic in the special breed of Politicians.

Doctors are worried theat the ‘mad cow’ like Virus is spreading rapidly especially in and around Delhi. The British Royal Medical Research Center at Greenwich has named it “foot in Mouth Syndrome”. While Indian doctors are calling it “Viswas Dr. ki Zabani”.

However both Indian and British Doctors agree that the disease is contagious across party lines. Earlier sparse cases had been reported to know the  full symptoms. However a recent spurt in the disease has been observed.

Mani Shankar,Home Minister Shinde ,Attorney Bharti and Mulayam Singh Yadav ,Azam Khan have been bitten by the bug recently.

The Virus seems to grow and multiply rapidly in coming days as election heat generates in India.

Meanwhile Baba YamDev the Yogi has claimed to have found an Immunization liquid from extract of the “MaNo” Tea . This tea is a special variety grown on the kitchen gardens of Babaji’s Ashram. It is rumored that Babaji has tested the immunization on BJP’s Gawky Gadkari and Jolly “Paint” under guidance of Dr.HarshVardhan under whose stewardship the “pulse Polio” became a success.

Meanwhile The Guinea Pig politicians have been kept in close observation in Babaji’s Ashram. Babaji has filed for a patent of the immunization of the contagious disease. Sources claim that Babaji has developed the cure from DNA of Dr.MaunMOhan Singh.