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Yogi Adityanath now targets Facebook page “Humans Of New York”, alleges hidden agenda of westernization

15, Sep 2014 By Akash

Gorakhpur. Controversial MP and self-claimed voice of Hindus, Yogi Adityanath never misses an opportunity to create controversy. After going gaga over “Love-jihad” for past few weeks now he has targeted Facebook page “Humans of New York”.

These days people on Facebook are seeing photos of Indians on this world famous Facebook page. This is all because Brandon Stanton, photographer for this page is in India these days for UN World Tour. While everyone on Facebook is quite excited about this for no reason, but our Yogi Ji is leaving no stone unturned to be in news and limelight and used this UN world tour as hidden agenda of westernisation of Indians.

He alleged, “Yeh bharat ko paschatya banane ki ek badi saazish hai (this is a big trick to westernize Indians)”. He claimed that  posting Indian’s pictures on a US  facebook page will give them a illusion of a New York being and that’s where “westernize seed” is implanted in there vulnerable minds. He said that he want to stop this seed being implanted in young and even old Indians mind.

He also demanded a permanent ban on Facebook and twitter. But this demand of his came as a huge embarrassment for his own party BJP as PM Modi himself is a great believer and advocated the use of social networking as much as possible. Following what every party does on such embarrassment Mr. Piyush Goyal also reacted with line, “This is his personal view of Yogi ji and party is not in sync with his view”.

Meanwhile, Stanton has reacted on this controversy and requested Yogi ji to get himself clicked for “Humans of New York” so that his narrow thought and weird “Westernise Seed Analogy” about the page will vanish.  Surprisingly as well as shockingly, reliable sources of Yogi Ji have confirmed to Faking News that he has agreed to get clicked for this famous page.

When asked about this U-turn Yogi Adityanath said, “My roots are so much in India that I want to show everyone that these westernize seed can not affect me at all. It’s a test of my Bhartiyata(Indianness)”. Surprisingly, this is first time that he almost communicated in English.

He may deny but western seeds are palpable in him since he agreed to get clicked. English speaking, listening rap music (in isolation) are few incidents which raises eyebrows of Faking News. Also Yogi ji has booked a ticket to New York just after his schedule of photo shoot with Brandon Stanton.