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Yogendra Yadav turns media spotlight on himself with self-smear campaign

11, Mar 2014 By rmantha

An International Women’s day meeting organized by Aam Aadmi Party turned into a farce when Yogendra Yadav was smeared in ink by his own party supporter.  Later, a smiling Yadav posed for the cameras, his shirt fresh and spotless, and refused to register a police complaint.

“What is there to complain about? Kejriwal has been hogging the limelight last few days, and I thought I would pull a small stunt to get my photo in the papers too,” Yadav smiled, his face a shiny black.

“We have been accused of running a smear campaign against BJP.  What better way to show our commitment than to smear ourselves?  As they say in America, we are Equal Opportunity Smearers…we smear everyone equally.”

Sagar Bhandari, of the Aam Aadmi Party, who had been specially recruited by Yadav for the self-smear publicity stunt, was found by our staff reporter outside Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, his face swollen and red from the tight slaps he had received from his fellow party men.

“Yaar, it was total bakhwas.  Yadav sir did not inform the others in advance about the stunt that we had planned together.  So when I did the inky stinky, I got thrashed by the AAP security guys,” said Bhandari.

Arvind Kejriwal, fresh-faced and relaxed from his private jet travel to Delhi, scratched his head in deep thought, when asked to comment.  “Wow, this is really interesting.  My PR guys have been telling me to wear the muffler so it looks like a halo around my head, but Delhi is so damn hot these days I can’t do that.  But maybe if all of my AAP senior team painted our faces black every day, we would stand out in the pictures.”

“But then, Mango season is almost here.  So maybe we should paint ourselves not black, but yellow like a bunch of tasty Aam.”