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Yogendra and Prashant Bhushan to be housemates in Big Boss 9

22, Apr 2015 By shridhar

New Delhi: Sacking of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav was timed immaculately by AAP. Media was busy covering Rahul Gandhi’s return and completely ignored  this news. Desperation has forced Yogendra and Prashant into taking a step that a politician would never risk taking. They have decided to be housemates in Big Boss 9.

Bigg Boss featuring Bhushan and Yadav
Bigg Boss featuring Bhushan and Yadav

Prashant and Yogendra held separate press conferences so that they can get as much media coverage as they can. Only when we reached there did we realize that Faking News is the only media house interested in this story. Prashant in his press conference said, “AAP has transformed into a Khap. My papa had already warned me about this but I did not heed to his advice. Sacking me from AAP is nothing short of honour killing. Media wont be able ignore me for long once I enter the house of Big Boss. I will tell the complete story of Arvind Khapiwal to entire India “.

While this was happening Shanti Bhushan snatched the mike away from Prashant and said, “Kiran Bedi would have been a better chief minister than Kejriwal. Even Rahul Gandhi would have done a better job than Kejriwal in 3 months”.  The press conference ended abruptly as Prashant Bhushan hurriedly left  the premises once he saw a big guy dressed in tight black T-shirt.

Yogendra Yadav in his press conference said, “Latest survey showed me that Big Boss is watched by people of various strata. Big Boss viewership breaches all the caste and state barriers. Viewers of Big Boss love to hear stories of celebrity fights. I have so many stories to tell about my fights with Arvind and his gang. People will just love it. They will get to know that Arvind is a dictator and a reincarnation of Joseph Stalin. I will impress the viewers so much that I might even win Big Boss 9”.

Prashant and Yogendra have been founding members of AAP and they have contributed a lot. What they need to realize is that every single volunteer of AAP has also made enormous sacrifices. What we need to wait and see is how much will AAP miss Prashant and Yogendra.