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"Yoga reduced the weight of corruption by 20 Kilos" said Baba Ram Dev on Yoga day

25, Jun 2017 By vivek kumar

The Patanjali group Chief and the chief spokesperson Mr Ram Dev declared that the corruption in the country has reduced its weight by 20 kilos, a record which was never heard of and first of its kind, he said on the Yoga day.

Mr Ram Dev said that he will continue to wage the brutal war against the corruption through Yoga and his other products, till the country becomes a corruption free.

Carrying corruption on the shoulder
Carrying corruption on the shoulder

He added that Yoga is the best way to reduce the weight of the corruption in the country. Apart from Yoga, “buying any of his products is also a war against corruption”, he said

He added that his officials are in discussions with the concerned officials to patent “corruption free” to Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd.

When asked about the penalties imposed on his company for poor quality, Baba Ram Dev immediately responded saying “Only corrupt and anti-nationals have issues with the product quality. They do not want to become corruption free.” He added.

He further added that it is easy to identify a non-corrupt citizen. He said the fair and incorruptible are those who use Patanjali’s Swarn Kanti fairness cream.

Baba Ram Dev credits his success to the corrupt citizens who chose to come clean by buying his product, which he said is the only reason for his business’s exponential growth.

Baba Ram Dev also added that he can force the warmongering neighbours into unconditional surrender by forcing them into Shavasan with his angry sneer.

However, the government chose to talk rather act and preferred Republican TV‘s business pitch. In the event of war, Baba Ramdev’s proposal will be put into implementation against the enemy forces said, Mr. Mahroof and Mr. Bhakshi.

He also said he is a believer of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam and added he will accept the business deals from the other countries to supply his products and teach Yoga to help them become corruption free.