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Yale getting calls from Indian politicians after Smriti's 6 day degree claim

25, Aug 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

After Smriti Irani’s claim of having a 6 day course degree from Yale university, Yale getting lot of calls from other Indian politicians.

Yale University’s correspondent who was relieved when we told we did not come to apply for a 6 day degree course, agreed to give the details to Faking News.

In demand.

“Kejriwal was the recent politician who called Yale for a 6 day degree in ‘Organisational skills’,” told the correspondent.

He added, “Rahul Gandhi had called for a degree in ‘Speaking skills’ which he claimed to show it to LS speaker to gain some more time in Parliament.”

“After Rahul Gandhi’s call, we also had several calls from other senior congress leaders, who interestingly requested us to reject Rahul’s application and told that it was BJP’s ploy to encourage Rahul to speak.”

“We also got some calls from Southern India. While, KCR’s daughter Kavitha called for a degree in ‘Telangana history & India’s International borders’,¬†Jayalalitha wants an ‘Amma degree'”

“When Nitish and Lalu asked for a Joint degree in ‘Experimental Physics’, we almost thought we have got one genuine call. But, our hopes faded immediately when they complained that our syllabus not covering ‘How to break Modi waves’ topic.”