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Y.S Jagan to donate all his wealth to cyclone victims, cases to be dismissed

15, Oct 2014 By kkumarp

Hyderabad. Y. S Jagan, the mass leader of Telugu’s has decided to donate all his wealth to Hud-Hud Cyclone victims.

“I am a great leader”

The decision sent ripples across political circles and caused astonishment to C.B.I. When contacted by Faking News, YSRCP spokesperson Ambati  Ravibabu said that the wealth of his party leader couldn’t be estimated by mortals,  but the amount to be donated would be somewhere near to 1 Lakh crores.

After the announcement, there were news reports from various quarters of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh about deaths occurred due to sudden shock. The party sources confirmed Jagan Reddy will be doing “Odaru yatra” to console the families, who lost their kins due to this decision.

Meanwhile C.B.I got into tizzy situation after the news that government of India is considering of cases against him due to this “Donation drive”. Employees of C.B.I are afraid that they won’t have any work to do if the cases on Jagan Reddy are dismissed.

When contacted by Faking News a fourth class employee at C.B.I regional office, Hyderabad said, “Y.S Jagan Reddy is the reason for massive recruitment in C.B.I in recent past. Abolishing cases against him would make several people unemployed. We would protest against this and will fight against the decision in the court of law.”

The spokesperson of TDP, attacked Jagan of donating peanuts of his wealth.

Meanwhile, there seemed to be huge public wave, in favour of Jagan Reddy with higher intensity than Hud-Hud cyclone which is crumbling the state governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The Fans of immortal Y.S.R demanded that two telugu states must vest power to YSRCP or else they would face the public wrath. Political pundits say due to god gifted talent, earning money won’t be problem for Mr. Jagan Reddy once he comes into power.