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WPI inflation has come down after Rahul stopped buying vegetables

16, Mar 2014 By Punit Hissaria

WPI inflation has come down to 9 month low after Rahul stopped buying groceries and vegetable. Our reporter Digvijay has investigated the matter and found that Rahul baba was purchasing groceries and vegetable on very high price to empower common men.

Rahul Gandhi
Inspiring many

Our reporter has spoken to one vegetable sales person, “Rahul baba use to come to my shop to buy vegetables.  I always import all my vegetable from italy. I have sold him onion for just 90 euro/kg because Rahul baba was asking me 10 less than the rate showing in the news. “

Now Rahul has stopped buying vegetable and given this task to mulayam singh ji. Neta ji is buying all stuff for free on gun point and congress economy started improving. Manmohan singh wrote letter “Thanks neta ji i was always knew that only you can control the inflation”. RBI governor started analysing neta ji strategy.

Rahul Gandhi has given answer to our reporter question on this “I want to empower woman and onion price is first step toward this. My grandmother always gave me onions in my tiffin box. So this is for her also”. Finally modi ji also commented on this “In my Gujrat amit shah already implemented neta ji policy year’s back and we have negative inflation there”.