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Worried over falling donations and rising volunteer costs, Kejriwal moots singing at wedding functions

28, Aug 2014 By simplydimply

New Delhi. Everybody remembers him singing atop Ramlila maidan’s stage after taking oath as Delhi CM. Little did Arvind Kejriwal knew then that this latent art of his might help him ride over rough days.

“Oh aaj mausam bada baimaan hai”

Political grapevine of Lutyens Delhi is ripe with the rumour that Kejriwal is seriously considering lending his voice at local wedding functions.

“You see the donations are falling. We have tried our best to fool all the people at almost all times. It worked in the beginning but now it is getting tough as they are realizing that we are here just for making a broom out of them. Simultaneously, the voluntary costs are rising because for how long we could have milked innocent people in name of desh seva. Moreover, there is Arvind’s bungalow rent, lifestyle expenses of our B rung leaders and so on. What else do we Nithalaas have except dharna? Arvinds’ melodious voice. It is just equal to Justin Beiber. So yes our beautiful like Taj Mahal and melodious like JB leader will be available for singing at shaadi functions,” Ashujosh told faking news.

So next time you hear ‘Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi’ or ‘Chaar botal vodka’ at your ex girlfriends marriage ceremony it might be straight from the vocal chords of the man who once sang ‘Insaan ka Insaan se..’ from atop the Ramlila maidan. And please do not mind few coughing interruptions in between songs, after all the man was once a CM.