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Words like “Young” & “Youth” removed from the Dictionary

19, Feb 2013 By ultikhopdi

Publishers and lexicographers from all parts of the globe assembled in large numbers at Honolulu for an emergency meeting of world lexicography association. Where after several rounds of meetings and discussions they have officially decided to make words like “Youth” & “Young” obsolete.

When our correspondent ultikhopdi contacted the world’s famous lexicographer, considered the god of lexicography Lex Lee, he answered in a depressive tone and explained why such a tough stand has been taken.

Lee blamed the Indian media & the congress party for it. He said that zillions of times words like “young” & “youth” have been associated or have been used to describe Rahul Gandhi,which he feels is blasphemous. According to him several court notices were sent to the congress party and several media houses to immediately stop this word abuse or verbal genocide.

Since the concerned party continued with their abuse of the above mentioned words despite several notices our association was left with no choice and decided to make these words obsolete. All new Dictionaries which will be printed will carry the disclaimer that “Young” & “Youth” are officially meaningless and a warning that “Use these words at your own risk”.

They have also warned if things continue in similar fashion the word  “Icon” is next in line.